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Digital Postal Mail

Your registered SAM account comes with your very own personal digital postal mailbox. It functions like your letterbox at home/work and you can look forward to receiving and accessing all your mail from various verified service providers in a single secured mailbox. You will also be able to make payments, submit applications, sign contracts, respond to requests and more.

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Consolidated mailbox

Receive and access all your digital postal mail from various service providers in a single secured mailbox. No more hopping from platform to platform to access your bills and statements.

Bills and Invoices



Insurance Policies


Reminder, Appointment


Annual, Medical, Funds


Late payment, Renewal

and more...

Receiving mail has never been more fun

Your digital postal mail arrive in the familiar look & feel but now even more capable and accessible.

Unread and read mail

With full and torn envelope designs, now you can instantly identify your unread mail.

Customised and seasonal envelopes

Look forward to receiving mail in custom designed envelopes that appeal and are reminiscent of your physical envelopes.

Overdue and paid mail

Stay on top of due dates and status with smart overlay labels.

Your digital postal mail packed with more content

Your digital postal mail delivered together with supporting documents such as the latest brochures, insurance policies, annual reports, medical reports, certificates and more. Now you can access them anytime and anywhere.

Sign and reply

With support for legally admissible eSignature, responding is now more convenient and easier.

Make payments

Access your bills and make payments with just a tap. All the billing information is pre-filled for a seamless experience.

Service providers ready for Digital Postal Mail

SingPost is constantly working with service providers to come on-board and deliver their bills, statements, invoices, and more in the form of Digital Postal Mail on SAM.

Learn more about DPM for your business

How does Digital Postal Mail helps CBM Parking? It's a more efficient way to send e-invoice to their customers and at the same time reduce operational costs.

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With Digital Postal Mail, NTT has found an efficient way to send e-bills to their customers and at the same time providing an easy and seamless experience for customers to make payment within the same platform.

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SPH Magazines taps on Digital Postal Mail to deliver service notifications to their subscribers. This ensures subscribers can access and read service notifications anytime and anywhere.

SPH Magazines is also offering their digital magazines at exclusive rates on Shop@SAM.

When your service provider is ready to embrace the future of mail, are you also ready?

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