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NTT Com has partnered with SingPost to deliver your NTT Com bills in digital form to your digital postal mailbox provided by SingPost. Now you can access and make payments to your NTT Com bills securely, anytime and anywhere.

Opt-in and receive $10 NTUC FairPrice voucher

Make the switch now and receive a $10 NTUC FairPrice voucher* when you opt-in to receive your NTT Com bills digitally.

*Terms and conditions apply.

SingPost Digital Postal Mailbox

Access your digital postal mail through SingPost SAM web or mobile.

Like your letterbox at home/work, look forward to receiving and accessing all your mail from various verified service providers in a single secured mailbox. You will also be able to fast track payments, submit applications, sign contracts, respond to requests and more.

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Receive and access all your digital postal mail from various service providers in a single secured mailbox.

Pay your bills, settle fines, top-ups, make donations and more online at your convenience.

Access all payment transaction records online and view payment receipts on-demand.

Be reminded on payment due date.

Be notified on new mail payment status and more.

How to opt-in to receive NTT Com digital postal mail

Step 1: Signup or Login to your SAM account

Sign up for a free SAM account or login to your existing account and proceed to "Step 3".

Step 2: Email address verification email

Upon sucessful sign up you will receive a confirmation email. Do follow the steps to verify your email address.

Step 3-1: Verify your SAM Account and start receiving digital postal mail

To manage your subscriptions to receive digital postal mail, you need to verify your SAM account.

Step 3-2: Verify your SAM Account

Update your mailing address

Step 3-3: Verify your SAM Account

Upload a copy of your Passport and latest utility/telco bill that clearly states your mailing address.

Step 4: Receiving digital postal mail

Manage your subscriptions to receive digital postal mail.

Terms & Conditions

Terms & Conditions (



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