SAM kiosk, web and mobile.
Accessible anytime and anywhere.

Our SAM kiosks are strategically located around the island to meet your payment and postal needs beyond the operating hours of our Post Offices. With SAM web and mobile, you can now make payments and more anytime and anywhere.
SAM web and mobile

SAM web and mobile.
Convenience you can count on.

With SAM web and mobile, it is even more convenient for you make to payments, top-ups, donations, and more anytime and anywhere.

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SAM kiosk

The new SAM kiosk.
Simplifying lives everyday.

The new SAM kiosk aims to simplify your daily life with its wide range of services and its completely re-designed look and user interface.

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Mobile Payment Mobile Payment Mobile Payment Mobile Payment Mobile Payment Mobile Payment Mobile Payment Mobile Payment

Make payments and more.
Anytime and anywhere.

SAM offers a wide range of payment options over multiple channels (kiosk, web and mobile) to meet your personal needs. Fast track your bill payments, take control with automated reminders and multiple payment modes - payment just got easier!

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Trusted communications

Digital Postal Mail.
Ready for the future.

Your registered SAM account comes with your very own personal digital postal mailbox. It functions like your letterbox at home/work and you can look forward to receiving and accessing all your mail from various verified service providers in a single secured mailbox. You will also be able to make payments, submit applications, sign contracts, respond to requests and more.

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Can't wait for the future?

Wish you can receive digital copy of your physical mail?
Need to access your mail anytime, anywhere even when you are overseas?

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