SAM For Business

Your business can ride on SAM platform to enhance communications, streamline workflows, support secure online transactions and more.

SAM provides a secure ecosystem that facilitates trusted communications and transactions between businesses and consumers. Leveraging emerging digital technology that in turn creates new possibilities, SAM enables enhanced convenience and benefits to both businesses and consumers.

Read on to learn more about SAM's full suite of digital services and how your business can benefit from these services.

Payment Collections
SAM web and mobile
SAM makes it easier and secure for your business to extend your reach to your customers through our multi-channel platform via kiosk, web and mobile.

Leverage on the strategic locations of our SAM kiosks and the anytime, anywhere availability of SAM web and mobile to make it even more convenient for you to receive payments from your customers.

SAM kiosk

Collect your payment through SAM and enjoy the following benefits

Convenient Access through Multi-Channel.

Our SAM kiosks are strategically located around the island at HDB heartlands, MRT stations, shopping malls to bring our services closer to your customers. With SAM Web and Mobile, it is even more convenient for you to receive payments from your customers anytime and anywhere.

Multiple Modes of Payment.

Encourage prompt payments by extending your support for multiple modes of payment without the burden of high integration costs. This enables your customers to enjoy the convenience of making payments using their preferred mode which best suits their lifestyle or gives them the best perks.

Streamlined Workflows and Processes.

With unified payment and settlement processes, customised reports across multi-channels and multiple modes of payment, you can look forward to streamline your workflows and internal processes.

Reduced Operational Overheads.

Leverage on our tried and proven integrated solution to facilitate your bill payment collection without the hassle of managing complex in-house processes and security audits.

Growing list of business partners

Join our growing list of satisfied business partners and start collecting payments through SAM. Look forward to timely payments and reduced operation overheads and many more benefits.
Digital Postal Mail

Digital Postal Mail presents tremendous opportunities for businesses to enhance and secure electronic communications with customers, business partners or employees.

Use our SAM platform to deliver your legally admissible business correspondences such as bills, contracts, payslips, policies, reminders, reports, statements and more in electronic form to your customers, business partners or employees.

Modes of Payment

Deliver your business correspondences such as bills, contracts, payslips, policies, reminders, reports, statements and more through SAM and enjoy these benefits.

Secure and Legally Admissible

Leverage on our platform that has been designed and built from the ground up with security as part of our DNA to ensure that your digital postal mail are processed for storage and delivery securely. Look forward to an assured delivery with full audit trail and status report that enables legal admissibility.

Electronic Brochures and Inserts

Complement your digital postal mail with additional product brochures, marketing pamphlets, supporting documents, etc. to further enhance your communications and achieve better cost efficiencies.

Custom Branding and Seasonal Envelopes

Send your digital postal mail through SAM and strengthen your branding through envelopes which are synonymous with your brand in the letterbox. Leverage on our support for seasonal and campaign related envelopes to further enhance your marketing campaign messages and performance. Explore animated envelopes that sell your brand.

Achieve Higher User Adoption Rate

Leverage on the network effect of a secured national platform that aggregates mail from various service providers together with the power of multi-party, multi-pronged marketing campaigns to scale user adoption rates in a way that is not possible with independent platforms.

Targeted Advertisements

Reach out to consumers through targeted advertisements that are strategically inserted as part of transactional activities that promote without interfering.

Savings with Digital Postal Mail Delivery

Enjoy direct savings on expenses associated with physical mail (stationery, printing, letter-shopping) and other indirect savings associated with owning your own system (development, maintenance, operational overheads, etc).